About Our Speakers

June Wolfe phD

Dr. June Wolfe III is an Associate Research Scientist with Texas A&M AgriLife Research and directs the Water Science Laboratory at the Blackland Research Center in Temple, Texas where he has worked since 1987.  He earned his B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin, M.S. from Texas A&M University, and Ph.D. from Baylor University.  His professional experience and interests span many fields including environmental instrumentation, hydrology, water chemistry, aquatic microbiology, soils, and plant physiology.  Due to the inherent relationship between environmental monitoring and flood alert systems, Dr. Wolfe has acquired more than 20 years of experience developing, operating, and assessing local flood alert systems in Central Texas.  He has been a member of the National Hydrologic Warning Council since 2009 and now serves on its Board of Directors.  He is currently assisting the Fort Hood military reservation in Texas with improving their high-water risk reduction program.  Personal interests include family, reading, guitar, gardening, fishing, computers, electronics, and amateur radio.