About Our Speakers

Marcus Galvan PE

Geotechnical Principal
Foresight Planning and Engineering Services

Marcus served as the wall design lead for various projects across the State while with TxDOT and as a Consultant. As lead wall designer, he provided guidance and support to the design team interacting with District, Division and Consultant to ensure that the wall designs were safe, accurate and efficient. Marcus also developed the geotechnical investigation and testing plan or supplemented existing plans (as needed). Wall designs included MSE, Cast In Place Spread Footing, cantilever drilled shaft, tie back, soil nailed, rock nailed and hybrid retaining wall systems. Marcus worked closely with the PS&E designer in the development of wall designs and details ensuring that details and quantities were neat and accurate and standard or special specifications were applicable.

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MSE Retaining Wall Sliding Analysis and Variation to the Analysis Approach