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CECON 2023 Registration

Advance Online Registration closed at 11:59 PM CT on August 31, 2023. After this time, individuals will be able to register onsite*. 

General Registration All-Access 3-Day
September 20-22, 2023
Full registration includes meals each day, educational sessions, Awards Banquet, and Technical Tour. This is our best value and most popular option. See Program Schedule for details.

General Registration Limited Access for 1-Day Only
Select one day to attend September 20-22, 2023
Full registration includes meals each day, educational sessions, and events on the day you select to attend. See Program Schedule for details.

Government Registration All-Access 3-Day
September 20-22, 2023
Full registration includes meals each day, educational sessions, Awards Banquet, and Technical Tour. Receive this special discounted pricing only available for government employees. See Program Schedule for details. 

Government Registration Limited Access for 1-Day Only
Select one day to attend September 20-22, 2023
Full registration includes meals each day, educational sessions, and events on the day you select to attend. See Program Schedule for details. 

Student Registration All-Access 3-Day
Applies to full-time university students only. Provides amazing opportunities as you start your career at a discounted rate. Full registration includes meals each day, educational sessions, Awards Banquet, and Technical Tour.

Guest Registration
Must accompany a 3-day or 1-day registrant.
Does not include professional development hours.

Awards Banquet Ticket
$75 per guest for Thursday’s Awards Banquet only 
(Awards Banquet table sponsorships available. Contact for more information)

Canceled registrations will incur a $50 administrative fee and must be received in writing by August 15, 2023. 

Not all registrants are listed below. Some registrants opted out of the public listing.

2022 Event Attendees

Timothy Martin – 2TM Consulting Engineers
Michael Bloom – 5engineering
Dan Schrager – Acrow Bridge
Mark Joersz – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
Troy McAlister – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
Brad McCollum – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
Andres Rivera – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
Surya Bhandari – AECOM
Sushban Shrestha – AECOM
Lindsay O’Leary – ASCE
Matthew Singel – Anderson Paving
Jack Moore – Arcosa Lightweight
Partheeban Selvarajah – Arias
Clayton Bagby – ARS Engineers, Inc.
Marc Hendricks – ARS Engineers, Inc.
Danny Luu – ARS Engineers, Inc.
Kelly McHugh – ARS Engineers, Inc.
Jared Silva – ARS Engineers, Inc.
Jarrod Compton – Atkins North America
Gaby Tassin – Au+Engineering
Austin Baird – Baird, Hampton & Brown
Andrew Domke – Balcones Geotechnical
Ruth Tobin – Balcones Geotechnical
Danny Bowers – Base-Seal International
Ethan Akkawi – Bentley Systems
Winter Yao – Beyond Engineering and Testing
Sean Merrell – BGE, Inc.
Ian Pietz – BGE, Inc.
John Jaeger – Binkley & Barfield, Inc.
Randy Deatherage – Braun Intertec
LeAnn Belcher – Braun Intertec Corporation
DoHyun Kim – Braun Intertec Corporation
Reece Taylor – Braun Intertec Corporation
Susana Blauser Gonzalez – Brown and Caldwell
Muhammad Khan – Building & Earth Sciences, Inc.
Eric Lindsey – Burns & McDonnell
Haley Smith – Burns & McDonnell
Ram Maddali – CDM Smith
Randy Bowers – Cement Council of Texas
Amy C Swift – Cement Council of Texas
Travis Barnett – Centerline Engineering & Consulting, LLC
Travis Attanasio – City of Burleson
Michelle McCullough – City of Burleson
Dailyn Cruz – City of Celina
Jason Laumer – City of Celina
Linda Majeed – City of Celina
Catherine Oduro – City of Celina
Andy Glasgow – City of Celina, Texas
Scott Harper – City of Celina, Texas
Raquel Gonzales – City Of College Station
Shahad Mohammed – City of Dallas/ Dallas Airport System
Mardoqueo Hinojosa – City of Edinburg
Karl Zook – City of Forney
Adam Michie – City of New Braunfels
Jim Dulac – City of Richardson
Shaun Condor – City of San Marcos
Jakob Peetz – City of San Marcos
Rohit Vij – City of San Marcos
Tim Wilson – City of San Marcos
Christopher Steubing – City of Sugar Land
Jim Lockart – City of Waxahachie
Cesar Calderon – Civil Team Engineers
Sharon Hamilton – Civil Team Engineers, LLC
Chris Ernst – Cobb, Fendley & Associates
Sandra Khoury – Cobb, Fendley & Associates
Harsha Shetty – Cobb, Fendley & Associates
Anna Theiss – Cobb, Fendley & Associates
Nathan Collier – Collier Geophysics
Fady Faris – Colliers Engineering & Design
Abanop Henain – Colliers Engineering & Design
Lisa Tropea – Concrete Canvas US
Mara Smith – Contech Engineered Solutions
Jodi Bird – Corsair Consulting
Chula Ellepola – Corsair Consulting
Clint Harris – Corsair Consulting
Tom Cochill – CP&Y, an STV Company
Andy Jackson – CP&Y, an STV Company
Fabian Mendoza – CP&Y, an STV Company
James Pruitt – CP&Y, an STV Company
Adam Ramos – CP&Y, an STV Company
Donna Renner – CP&Y, an STV Company
Jacob Roberts – CP&Y, an STV company
David Stanley – CP&Y, an STV Company
David Stanley – CP&Y, an STV Company
Marisa Vergara – CP&Y, an STV Company
Terry Winn – CP&Y, an STV Company
Amy Brothers – D&S Engineering Labs
Saurav Sinha – D&S Engineering Labs
Mark Thomas – D&S Engineering Labs
Michel Maksoud – DEC
Dimitrios Konstantakos – Deep Excavation
Art Clendenin – Del Zotto Products of Texas
Matt Caskey – DuroTerra Foundations
Ravi Teja Elepe – ECS Southwest
Vince Elizarde – ECS Southwest
Steven (Brent) McNeme – ECS Southwest
Sidd Neekhra – ECS Southwest
Doyle Smith – ECS Southwest
Eva Schexnider – Elevation Land Solutions
Owen Sanderson – ETTL Engineers & Consultants
Vance Pool – Euclid Chemical
David Collins – FCM Engineers P c
Crystal Cochran – Ferguson
Geoff Roberts – FiberSense LLC
Jonny Finley – FLDE
Jannely Alvarado – Foamworks
Patricia Frayre – Frayre Engineering & Consulting, PLLC
Mason Beadle – Frisco ISD
Christina Moore – G4 Geomatic Resources
Kat Lauer – Garza EMC
Rusty Branch – Gehrig, Inc.
Stephen Archer – GeoSolutions Inc.
Marcus Long – GeoSolutions Inc.
Amaya Frank – GeoStabilization International
Ajay Shastri – Geosyntec Consultants
Glenn Goss
Tyler Murphy – Globetrotters
Jimmy Fougerousse – Green Equipment Company
Griselda Gonzales – GRIS Engineering, PLLC
Brandon Tanksley – Halff Associates, Inc.
Sirish Tuladhar – Hanes Geo Components
Preston Chan – HDR Engineering
Justin De La Rosa – HDR Engineering
Bryan Elkan – HDR Engineering
Ryan Keith – HDR Engineering
Max Layne – HDR Engineering
Douglas Greenwood – Henley-Johnston & Associates, Inc.
Bob Patton – Henley-Johnston & Associates, Inc.
Ramon Navarro IV – Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority
Nick Dayal – HNTB Corporation
Kensey Russell – HNTB Corporation
Glenn Fox – Horrocks Engineers
April Gordon – Horrocks Engineers
Pareshkumar Bhatt – HPW
Shandie Zimmerman – HUESKER
Fadi Faraj – HVJ Associates
Kassy Kemp – Indepth Utility Solutions LLC
Tiffany Reed-Villarreal – InfraTex Consulting
Richard Christensen – Intertek-PSI
Ajay Potturi – Intertek-PSI
Bryan Sy – Intertek-PSI
Mohan Vennalaganti – Intertek-PSI
Joe Shehan – J Shehan Engineering, P.C.
Edward Penton – Jacobs Engineering Group
Carlos Negron – Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
Jim Wesevich – Jensen Hughes
Theo Maku – JITAOL Engineering
Nancy Cline – Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT)
Jon Hoebelheinrich – JPH Land Surveying
John Mudd – KCI Technologies
Chris Robertson – Keller North America

David Hasness – Keystone Hardscapes
Cindy Dong – KIT Professionals
Richard Hammerberg – Kleinfelder
Bill Hasbrook – Kleinfelder
Benjamin Carlson – Knife River Corporation – South
Steve Hiner – L.S. Hiner Consulting
Samantha Vail – Lackland Engineering
Liv Haselbach – Lamar University
Beth Bowden – Lamb-Star Engineering
Dakota Smith – Lamb-Star Engineering
Richard Morales – LB Foster
Prosper Makhanya – LCA Environmental
Dallas May – LCA Environmental
Mark Boyd – LCA Environmental
Kelvin Reinhardt – Lime Association of Texas
Peter Borsack – Lina T Ramey & Associates
Bobby Nagel – LTRA
Emigdio Salinas – M2 Engineering, PLLC
Andrew Mellen – Maverick Engineering
Callie Bletsch – MBCO Engineering, LLC
Bonnie Moss – MBCO Engineering, LLC
Sean Patterson – McKim & Creed
Bob Mjoen – McKim &Creed
Benjamin Boardman – MHS Planning and Design
Derek Cheatham – Neel-Schaffer, Inc.
Rich Patrick – Ninyo & Moore
Jay Sunderwala – Ninyo & Moore
Garry Kraus – O’Brien Engineering
Alex Aldridge – Oldcastle Infrastructure
Paul Cureton – Oldcastle Infrastructure
Eric Gonzales – Oldcastle Infrastructure
Kim Shepheard – OmniVueNDT
Jefferson Love – OTHON Engineering
Deepa Elter – Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.
Kim Keefer – Pape-Dawson Engineers, inc.
Kevin Larney – Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.
Christopher Nance – Parkhill
Jennifer Anderson – ParkUSA
Wesley Stanley – Parsons Transportation Group
Dan Currence – Plastics Pipe Institute
David Fink – Plastics Pipe Institute
Seth Pendarvis – PNA Construction Technologies
Emily Lewis – PondMedics
Trent Lewis – PondMedics
Fernando Quintanilla – Port of Corpus Christi
Tyler Denney – Professional Service Industries (PSI)
Andrew Hunt – Project Control
William Stoner – Project Management Associates PLC
Kristin Landry – Quiddity Engineering
Isidoro Arjona – Raba Kistner, Inc.
Julia Clarke – Raba Kistner, Inc.
Ron Seal – Raba Kistner, Inc.
Doug Wiersig – Raba Kistner, Inc.
Frank Chong – RBM Consulting Group, Inc.
Mallory Reilly – ReCon Engineering, Inc.
Daniel Kovacich – Reed Engineering Group
James Freed – Rinker Materials
Britt Marchman – Rinker Materials
Natalie Chaney – RPS Infrastructure
Kyle Hogue – RPS Infrastructure
Glenn Goldstein – RS&H
Mark Mann – Sabine River Authority of Texas
Tom Flaherty – SAM, LLC
Scott Hall – SAM-CS
Ricky Bourque – Schaumburg & Polk, Inc.
Jimmy Crowder – Schnabel Engineering
Jeremy Young – Schnabel Engineering
Ernest Brandl – Schnabel Foundation Company
Marcus Michna – Shelmark Engineering, LLC
Amanda Angelo – Sika Corporation
Oliver Smith – Smith Professional Services
Susie Clark – Smith Pump Co., Inc.
Javier Chavira – Solaray Engineering, Inc.
Dr. John Easton – Southern Methodist University
Usama El Shamy – Southern Methodist University
John Furlong – Southern Methodist University
Dr. Kate Smits – Southern Methodist University
Alexis Page – SOX Erosion Solutions
Cristina Garcia Verdejo – Spiral International
Steve Purugganan – Spire Consulting Group
Lucas Kau – Stantec
Curtis Steger – Steger Bizzell
Thais Giacomet – StormTrap
Ottis Foster – Structural Health Data Systems
Jorge Suarez – STV
Susan Roth – Susan Roth Consulting
Sean Sweeney – Sweeney Earth Sciences
John Campbell – T2 UES
Bryan Sy – TCEL
RC Chapa – TCMB Engineering
Fuat Kevlekci – Tekfen Construction
Ryan Crabtree – Tensar
Juan Rodriguez – Terra Testing
Patrick Moore – Terracon Consultants
Patrick Beecher – Terracon Consultants
David Belcher – Terracon Consultants
Danielle Chong – Terracon Consultants
Rebecca Cummins – Terracon Consultants
Peter Falletta – Terracon Consultants
Saad Hineidi – Terracon Consultants
Jesse Kocher – Terracon Consultants
Siva Pathivada – Terracon Consultants
Matthew Yarnold – Texas A&M University
Brett McCull – Texas A&M University System
Corey Schwarz – Texas Asphalt Pavement Association
Ron Reichert – Texas Concrete Pipe Association
Hend Shahin – Texas Southern University
Leonel Aldape – Texas Tech University
Tanner Schmitt – Texas Tech University
Luis Carlos Silva Junior – Texas Tech University
Matt McLeer – The Haskell Company
Eric Webb – The Rios Group
Eric Webb – The Rios Group, Inc.
Cheryl Miller – Tolunay-Wong Engineers
Duane Harrell – Tolunay-Wong Engineers
Wesley Brandon – Town of Little Elm
Mitch Haug – Town of Little Elm
Dan Heischman – Town of Prosper
Brad Lipscomb – Triad Surveying
Scott Hensley – TrueNorth Steel
Michael Philpot – TrueNorth Steel
Kemp Akeman – TSIT Engineering & Consulting
Hector Gonzalez – TSIT Engineering & Consulting
Brandon Hutchins – TSIT Engineering & Consulting
Joe Alvarez – TxDOT
Sarah Alvarez – TxDOT
Martha Boyd – TxDOT
Jacob Tambunga – TxDOT
Akila Thamizharasan – TxDOT
Richard Nichols – Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association
Héctor Dávalos – Universidad Panamericana
Mario Cardona – University of Houston
Stephen Johnson – University of Houston
Jim Williams – University of Texas at Arlington
Patrick Williams – Urban Engineers
Hamidreza Allahdadi – UTSA
Erin Partee – VRX
Anna Olveda – Wafflemat
Danny Ohman – Wafflemat
Curtis Beitel – Walker Partners
Heather Guillen – Walter P Moore & Associates
Andres Salazar – Walter P Moore and Associates
Noah Kendall – West Texas A&M
Gabriel Pocas – West Texas A&M
Kimberly Brooks – White Hawk Engineering & Design
Sandra Ortiz – Woolpert
Ziad AlAawar – WSP USA
Manish Dulal – WSP USA
Elaine Jin – WSP USA
Hosam Salman – WSP USA
Michael Trueblood – WSP USA


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