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Advances in Transportation Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Asset Management

According to the US Census Bureau, Over 1 Trillion Dollars worth of goods were transported on roads and highways in Texas. Texas has the nation’s largest highway network, and the American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report Card, last published in 2021, gave Texas Highways and Roads a score of D+. Our roads and highways are extremely vital to our economy and national security; therefore, it is critical that we maintain and manage them appropriately.

Over the last decade, engineers and technology developers have made continual advances in imaging technology, remote sensing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, and these advancements present great opportunities to optimize our roadway maintenance activities and proactively manage our transportation infrastructure that we rely so greatly on. This presentation describes the current capabilities and applications of advanced technology for transportation infrastructure asset management and explores what we can look forward to from continued advancements in the near future.



Nathan Kebede PE
Associate Vice President & National Pavement Services Lead
Michael Baker International


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