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An Overnight S-Curved Tied Arch: Design and Construction of the Northaven Trail Pedestrian Bridge

A testament to connectivity, industry-leading design and innovative delivery, the Northaven Trail Bridge spans across the busy 8-lane U.S. 75 highway and connects two highly trafficked systems of local walking/biking trails. Its signature element is a 201-ft span, 50-ft high network tied arch bridge. In addition to increasing mobility for the Dallas community, the bridge is the only known network-tied arch bridge with an S-curved deck and skewed supports. These features created unique challenges that had to be addressed during the design and construction of the structure. The bridge’s network cable arrangement was carefully designed to increase the stiffness of the structure by a factor of ten, making it incredibly resilient to accidental overloads. To minimize closures, the bridge was built in an adjacent parking lot and moved into place over a single weekend utilizing the accelerated bridge construction (ABC) technique of remote-controlled, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). At least one lane of north and south movement along U.S. 75 and its frontage roads remained open at all times. The Northaven Trail Pedestrian Bridge stands as a prime example of innovation within the industry and a welcomed solution for the community.



Gregor Wollman Ph.D., PE
Principal Engineer

Kira Larson PE
Project Manager


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