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Bridge Asset Condition Maintenance and Improvement through Logical and Cost-Effective Intervention

Bridges on the National Highway System (NHS) are classified as ‘Good,’ ‘Fair,’ or ‘Poor’ based on the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Pavement/Bridge Condition Measures and the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) inspection ratings. These condition ratings consider the overall health of the bridge structures and the percentage of bridge deck areas affected. However, there is a research gap in classifying bridge defects and organizing maintenance activities based on these specific defects. To address this gap, a statistical analysis has been performed to categorize bridge defects by reviewing inspection reports for 109 selected bridges collected from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) AssetWise database within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This analysis identified critical factors impacting bridge conditions and revealed significant correlations between bridge conditions and specific defect categories. Based on these findings, appropriate maintenance recommendations have been proposed. Finally, a user-friendly software tool was developed, integrating maintenance cost analysis with TxDOT unit prices. This tool enables users to input bridge-specific data, facilitating the generation of intervention suggestions and accurate maintenance cost estimates for individual bridge components.



Naima Tahsin Zenika
PhD Student/Graduate Research Assistant
The University of Texas at Arlington


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