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Building Bridges: Engaging and Informative Public Involvement

In today’s world of constant contact with information (and misinformation), public involvement is critical to project success.

Drainage projects, in particular, are deeply personal and require a more collaborative approach to public involvement than many other types of engineering projects. Traditional public meetings are no longer enough to support many projects. Changes in technology, demographics, and a global pandemic have redefined the modern town square.

This presentation explores a multifaceted approach to engaging the community, incorporating various methods such as social media, online surveys, in-person town hall meetings, virtual town hall meetings, personalized one-on-one interactions, and the potential for incorporation of AI into their outreach. The presentation will include examples of public involvement activities, appropriate uses of various methods, and lessons learned throughout the presenter’s 29 years of public projects.

Integration of diverse channels of outreach, creates a comprehensive public involvement strategy that accommodates various preferences and enhances community inclusivity. The presentation will highlight the importance of adapting public involvement to the needs of the community and the project.



Mandy Clark PE, CFM, AICP
Director of Water Resources


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