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Continuous Fiberoptic Sensing of Underground Assets for Intrusion Detection, Leak Detection and Event Location, as Well as Geotechnical and Seismic Insights

Real time, situational awareness of underground infrastructure has been a vexing challenge for utilities, from water and telecoms to gas and electricity and asset owners. Utility damage prevention teams and efforts by industry groups like Common Ground Alliance have improved the situation, but improvements have plateaued.

Technology provides intriguing options. IoT, the internet of things, has proven to be more costly to install and maintain than envisioned and often fall short on performance by providing endless false alarms instead of actionable intelligence. Other options range from satellite-based snapshots to predictive AI driven tools based upon past events.

The challenge of these solutions is that they fall short of the need. Utilities need to understand what is happening with their networks right now – they need to see the forest and the trees. Predictions based upon what happened yesterday does not help your network deal with increasing activities by rogue and malicious actors that are happening now.

The solution to these challenges is very likely already in the ground and often located colinear to your network or can be cost effectively installed to provide sensing at economic scale for your network. FiberSense provides Sensing as a Service, utilizing existing telecommunication fiber as a massive sensing array to monitor and protect underground assets on a real time basis without capital investment.

Learn how the technology works, applications and examples from deployments around the world and the different solutions that are available today. Real world solutions for real world problems is available today.



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