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Field Testing of Recycled Steel Fiber-reinforced Concrete

With the rapid growth of urbanization and an increasing population, vehicles traversing the road network generate a significant amount of tire scrap. To address waste reduction and lower the carbon footprint of concrete, initiatives are exploring the use of recycled steel fibers (RSF) derived from scrap tires as reinforcement in concrete. RSF shows promise as a partial or complete substitute for conventional steel reinforcement in concrete. This presentation focuses on developing RSF-reinforced concrete for precast and slab-on-ground applications. Concrete mixtures incorporating RSF at different fiber dosages were formulated for on-site implementation, involving the construction of precast concrete units such as boxes and pipes, as well as slab-on-ground structures in Texas. The mechanical performance of RSF-reinforced concrete specimens extracted from field-cast structures was evaluated and compared with specimens from structures using conventional steel reinforcement. To further assess the mechanical performance of field-cast concrete elements, RSF concrete specimens were prepared and tested under laboratory conditions, and the results were compared with those from field samples. The results demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing RSF in concrete to replace traditional steel reinforcement for precast and slab-on-ground applications. This study holds significant potential for the future, offering benefits for both the tire recycling and concrete industries.



Xijun Shi Ph.D., PE
Assistant Professor
Texas State University


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