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Geosynthetics in Texas Pavements: From Best Practice to Standard Practice

Geosynthetics are a design option to a myriad of roadway related challenges in Texas for over three decades. Oftentimes, their consideration is limited to “one-off” applications for real time challenges commonly associated with in-service roadways – cracking, rutting, potholes and the like. Geosynthetics for roadway applications – geogrids, geotextiles, cellular confinement, interlayers – indeed offer civil engineers an upstream solution to mitigate these problems and render a more sustainable pavement system. This presentation will focus upon roadway case studies in Texas where geosynthetics were deployed to mitigate qualitative issues related to environmental conditions as well as projects where the geosynthetic was quantified to provide structural enhancement to the pavement performance. There exists a substantial body of evidence to support the use of geosynthetics for both new pavements and the maintenance/rehabilitation of the state’s vast network of roadways – the content presented will also review best practices and design examples related to geosynthetics for pavement design utilizing common pavement design methodologies.



Stephen Archer PE
Chief Operating Officer
GeoSolutions Inc.

Eden Thomas PE

Area Engineer


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