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Gruene River Grill Slope Stabilization

Making Old New Again

Older structures can start to develop distress over time due to geologic conditions such as expansive sub-grade soils or slope movement especially when these structures are repurposed and renovated for the modern technologies in this day in age. One example of this is the Gruene River Grill, Gruene, Texas.

Perched high above the Guadalupe River in the historic district of Gruene, Texas, the antiquated building structure housing the Gruene River Grill had fallen victim to gradual downhill creep movement of the underlying soils for over half a century. Even after structural repairs were performed to remediate its effects several years ago, the creep movement of the soils – and associated movement of the structure continued. Keller was engaged to provide a design-build solution to stabilize the slope and arrest the creep movement. This presentation will highlight the selection, design and ultimate construction of an anchored reticulated micropile system, including challenges faced due to restricted access and steep terrain all while avoiding interruption to the restaurant’s daily operation.



Chris Robertson
Business Development Manager
Keller North America, Inc.


Isaac Gutierrez
Design Engineer
Keller North America, Inc.


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