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Day 2 Keynote: Houston Takes Action: Sustainability & Resiliency Planning

Join conference attendees as we hear from the head of Houston Public Works, the largest and most diverse public works organization in the country. Under the direction of Carol Haddock, the Department is responsible for Houston’s strong foundation and coordinates the City’s activities aimed at building a sustainable city for the future.

Houston Public Works is responsible for streets, drainage, producing and distributing water, collecting and treating wastewater, and permitting and regulation of construction. Accredited by the American Public Works Association, dedicated public servants work together to create a strong foundation for Houston to thrive. The Department has over 4,000 employees and an annual operating budget of $2.1 billion.

Carol will discuss resilience and mitigation efforts, planning for climate impacts, electric vehicles, and much more! Attendees will benefit from lessons learned and takeaways as well as prepare to lay the foundation of sustainability through every project our community takes on.


Carol Haddock PE
Houston Public Works Director
Former Member of ASCE Board of Direction




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Email: office@texasce.org

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