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Hurricane Harvey Impacts on the Lower Neches River

The vessels in major shipping channels can have impacts on the marine environment in addition to environmental conditions such as storms having impacts on these vessels. This research consists of validating a compilation of official river stage data at two locations along with unofficial river stage data at four additional locations in between Hurricane Harvey along the lower Neches River, a vital waterway in the United States. It also includes methods to access averaged rainfall data during this period. The results compare the significant rainfall along the lower river sections during Hurricane Harvey with the affected river levels. Additional discussions on the possible impacts of the bridge location of Interstate Highway 10 are included. In addition, the data show how rainfall bands varied greatly along the sections near the river mouth during this event. Future research may indicate if this phenomenon is an anomaly of Hurricane Harvey or a more common feature of stalled storms. These compilations will aid modelers, and navigation decision-makers in better understanding the different impacts of combined fluvial and pluvial processes in the ship channels.



Parker Lee

Graduate Assistant
Lamar University


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