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In-Place Rehabilitation – The Key to Sustainability?

Geohazards do not discriminate; they affect all types of infrastructure regardless of owner or what they support. If geohazards affecting critical infrastructure are not diagnosed and remediated, they can quickly proceed to catastrophes. Failures present many negative consequences, including safety, financial, and emotional. When failures occur, solutions must be given that reduce these impacts as quickly as possible.

This presentation will illustrate several examples where geohazards have caused critical infrastructure failures and how in-place rehabilitation techniques quickly remediated those failures. We will introduce how in-place rehabilitation provides a more cost-effective and faster solution than the more traditional demolition and replacement. Geohazard remediation presents many construction challenges. The presentation will highlight the challenges encountered and how the in-place rehabilitation techniques allowed for the flexibility needed to overcome them. Additional in-place rehabilitation case studies will be presented for MSE walls, cast-in-place walls, gabion basket walls, and bridge structures.


Cameron Lobato PE, P.Eng
Senior Vice President
GeoStabilization International

Ron DeVaux PE, MBA, MS
Project Development Engineer
GeoStabilization International