About Our Speakers

Jeremey Gaskins PE

Director of Technology Solutions

 Jeremy Gaskins is the Director of Technology Solutions at BGE, Inc. a full-service Civil Engineering firm with 20 offices across Texas and the southeast United States. He has a degree in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University. Before leading the GIS team at BGE, Jeremy worked as an application and web developer for 17 years for the automotive industry and oil and gas. At BGE, Jeremy has transformed the GIS services from cartographic deliverables to a team focused on business process improvements, data integration and automation, and analytics. Jeremy’s team of GIS Analysts and Solution Architects provide solutions focused on asset management, decision-making tools, and project delivery. The Technology Solutions team partners with the different departments at BGE to develop innovative solutions that provide value to our clients in industries like Land/Site Development, Construction Management, Public Works, and Transportation.