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Lift Station Consolidation on a Macro Scale

The E-54 Sewer Improvement Project

The SAWS E-54 sewer main project is located in north central San Antonio starting near the intersection of Bulverde Road and Loop 1604 and proceeding north, east of the intersection of Evans Road and Bulverde Road. The project is located entirely over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone (EARZ). The project includes removal of three (3) SAWS lift stations; Fossil Ridge, Fischer Tract, and Fox Grove via a new sanitary sewer system. The new sanitary sewer system will convey flows to a proposed regional sewer lift station, a regional quadplex sewer lift station sized for 6 MGD, with a wet well sized for ultimate design of 14 MGD. The regional LS utilizes redundant 20-inch HDPE force mains conveying flow to a downstream gravity system and approximately 5 miles of 30-inch FRP gravity line to tie into an existing SAWS sewer main. In addition, these sewer system improvements are designed to include the capacity to accommodate future flows from the existing Cibolo Canyons lift station for when it is eventually taken out of service by SAWS. This project includes unique environmental considerations (potential Karst), route considerations (active Quarry, bore under a dam structure, and 1,900 LF bore 50’ deep), and coordination of the second largest lift station in the SAWS sanitary sewer system.



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