About Our Speakers

Mansoor Ahsan PE

Chief Executive Officer
Bridgefarmer & Associates, INC.

Mansoor Ahsan was named the Chief Executive Officer of Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. in 2002.  He has decades of award-winning structural design and construction experience in transportation industry.  He has become a leading voice for the alternate delivery of the projects.  Mansoor has held executive positions at ENR Top 100 Engineering Firms, in the capacity of Chief Structural Engineer, Director of Transportation Services, and Principal Engineer.

With bridge engineering as his true passion, Mansoor is a well-recognized civil engineer and is a registered professional engineer in over twenty states.  He has won numerous national and international awards for his state-of-the-art design, in both the highway and railroad industries. Moreover, he has earned a reputation as an astute and innovative bridge designer thriving on finding solutions for the most complex challenges.  His pioneering design, scheduling, and construction techniques have saved project owners hundreds of millions of dollars.  Contractors and agencies alike turn to his expertise, and to Bridgefarmer, for swift and efficient solutions.

At Bridgefarmer, Mansoor has been responsible for the management, design, and delivery of multi-billion-dollar corridors.  Under his leadership, the Bridgefarmer team has expanded its footprint both internationally and domestically in the Southwestern Region of the United States.  Bridgefarmer credits Mansoor for the Excellence in Engineering Award received for the very first public/private partnership for the construction of the LBJ corridor; a $4 billion project in Dallas, TX.  He also led the design quality of the very first design-build project, SH130, a $1.2 billion corridor in Austin, TX.  Mansoor is the engineer on record for the design of the 16′ tall through-plate girder bridge for the BNSF and the UPRR in Oklahoma City, OK.  Furthermore, he has had the privilege of leading the Bridgefarmer engineers in the design of monumental mega-projects such as:

  • The DART Light Rail Orange Line Extension from Bachman Station to DFW International Airport
  • The DFW Connector (Areas 1-3)
  • The Loop 12/SH 114 Interchange, the Diamond Interchange straddling the border of Cities of Dallas and Irving
  • Multilevel Interchange “Big Rock Interchange” in Little Rock, AR

Mansoor holds a master’s degree in structural engineering from Bradley University, Peoria, IL, and has completed leadership training by the Harvard Business School of Management and Dale Carnegie Institute of Management.  He is a contributing writer for numerous bridge journals and is a Board Member for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE); as well as a Board Member at the University of Texas at Arlington which Mansoor serves as guest speaker to both organizations.