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Match Existing?

The Complexity of Today’s Infrastructure Improvements

Every piece of infrastructure has a lifespan, but we don’t always know the best way to replace those pieces. Infrastructure that was designed 40 years ago may not come close to meeting today’s standards. Therefore, the design of today’s improvements has an increasing amount of difficulty when trying to “match existing” infrastructure. Almost every engineer and contractor has seen “Match Existing” on a set of plans. In some cases, this can be easily attainable, such as matching existing Bermuda sod or matching existing pavement thickness. In other cases, it can be extremely difficult. Is it smart to match the current 3:1 slope? Our current drainage system doesn’t flood, but it only holds 10 years. Do we upgrade or match existing? This presentation highlights the term of “match existing” regarding different infrastructure with to illustrate the lessons learned and effective strategies for beneficial infrastructure improvements.

Topics discussed in the presentation will include:
I. Analyze impacts that improvements have on existing infrastructure
II. Compare effective management approaches for potential construction conflict scenarios
III. Achieve clarity on plan sets to minimize impacts to surrounding infrastructure
IV. Achieve more long-term, future oriented design decision making



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