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Multimodal Corridor Planning: Connecting with the Past, Present, and Future of Transportation

Learn how effective public outreach tools lead to successful corridor planning and engage stakeholders and in multimodal planning while focusing on safety. This presentation delves into the strategies for successful engagement and the importance of comprehensive planning approaches that incorporate multimodal considerations, ensuring that diverse transportation modes are effectively integrated into the broader infrastructure.

Additionally, the presentation includes Border-to-Border studies looking at the entire state of Texas, providing a broad perspective on statewide planning initiatives. These studies highlight the challenges and opportunities in creating a cohesive transportation network that spans vast geographic areas. Following this, the presentation focuses on regional planning through District initiatives, illustrating how local contexts and specific regional needs are integrated into larger planning efforts to create a seamless and efficient transportation system.

Considerations of multimodal planning include utilities, right-of-way, environmental impacts, and community needs to improve system infrastructure for long-distance travel while also serving regional needs. By examining both statewide and regional planning efforts, attendees will gain insights into the complexities of balancing broad infrastructure needs with specific local requirements. This comprehensive overview will showcase the importance of an inclusive planning process that ensures safety, equity, and efficiency in transportation systems across various scales, highlighting successful case studies and best practices in the field. The presentation aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to contribute to the development of robust, equitable, and sustainable transportation solutions.



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