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Next Generation IOT Sensors and Technologies for Construction Industry

Structural health monitoring of infrastructure provides important information on the life expectancy and durability of the structure. The growth of the structural health monitoring market in the Americas is likely to be propelled by the driving factors such as the aging infrastructure, support from various governments in the region, and need for effective solutions for the maintenance of infrastructure facilities. To enhance public safety and improve the structural lifespan, the implementation of the structural health monitoring system is a must. 

There have been several initiatives with an objective to bring new structural health monitoring techniques into practice. Development of real time non-destructive and non-invasive techniques is one of the top priorities. Electrical based measurements, specifically resistivity, of concrete provide important and reliable information on concrete performance and durability. Electrical property measurements have shown to be valuable as non – invasive methods to evaluate material properties of concrete, rate of hydration reaction, quality and performance both during early ages of construction and during long term curing process. This presentation will focus on short term IOT sensors for concrete quality monitoring using electrical resistivity and temperature followed by providing insight into long term monitoring system called “Smart Cement Technology” with highly sensing capabilities.


Sai Anudeep Reddy Maddi PhD
Chief Technical Advisor