About Our Speakers

Itzik Malka

Itzik Malka is CEO and co-founder of 4M Analytics, the subsurface infrastructure mapping company on a mission to become the map solution for all underground infrastructure. In 2010, the now seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur had just completed over a decade of service in the Israeli Combat Engineering Corps’ special unit, and wanted to apply his learnings to the broader world.

During this time, Itzik dedicated his time to clearing abandoned mines, IEDs, and other explosive remnants after hearing stories about innocent civilians in post-conflict regions. He quickly discovered the methods used were outdated and lacked innovation and developed a mapping engine to identify underground hazards without physically digging at a location. It didn’t take long until he received requests to locate buried gas lines, sewage pipes, power lines, and more. This became the precipice of 4M Analytics.

Now, Itzik and his team have developed a technology-driven mapping engine that centralizes all sources of utility data necessary for engineers to identify and pinpoint underground utilities early in any project lifecycle to decrease project time and quickly mitigate potential risks. Itzik now resides in Austin, Texas where 4M Analytics’ headquarters is located.