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Asset Management: Upgrade Your Infrastructure

The City of Killeen engaged STV to perform a comprehensive review of the City’s facilities and services and create a “Self Evaluation and Transition Plan (SETP)”; a document that details the City’s accessibility failures and has the steps/timeline to achieve compliance. Our team already completed a Facility audit and is now completing a Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guideline (PROWAG) analysis based on the 2010 PROWAG standards . The goal of the project is to analyze and report all of the deficiencies an individual might come across while traveling across the city’s 807 miles of streets. The analysis reviews sidewalks, curb ramps, pedestrian signals/controls, crosswalks, bus-stops and shared-use paths for vision-impaired persons or persons using wheelchairs for mobility.

Our presentation will walk the audience through the project workflow from field data collection and mobile mapping to real-time client deliverable and finally the ultimate project deliverable. We will showcase the methods used through each stage of the project including the technology and software necessary. The audience will leave with a general knowledge of what barriers to accessibility are, what the DOJ is looking for in a plan to achieve compliance and how our project team is assisting the City of Killeen to identify and remove the barriers to
accessibility. We will culminate with a Q&A session to better engage the audience and increase participation.



Chad Hall PE, GISP
Geospatial Manager
STV Infrastructure, Inc.


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