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Raising the Grade, Deliberately: Managing Risk in Trenchless Utility Projects

When tunneling construction goes wrong, it can go catastrophically wrong. This presentation will discuss lessons learned and recommended practices to mitigate risk in large diameter trenchless utility projects. The subject matter will present projects which reside in varying geologies across Texas, primarily in gulf coast region.
Risk management is integral to successful tunneling projects. Proactive identification and management of risks associated with ground conditions, construction methods, and external influences are essential for avoiding costly delays and keeping tunnels on line and grade. An effective tool for assigning risk in high capital tunnel improvements projects are geotechnical baseline reports (GBR’s). GBR’s provide a comprehensive summary of anticipated ground conditions, serving as a baseline for managing risks and disputes during the project. It assists in setting expectations and managing potential conflicts between project stakeholders. The presentation will highlight specific items baselined and how those baselines translated into practice.

Another subject of this presentation will report on common practices for geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring on tunnel projects below critical infrastructure. Geotechnical instrumentation plays a vital role in monitoring and analyzing ground conditions throughout the construction process and, when data is digested correctly, can help the management team reduce the potential for sink holes before it’s too late. By using various instruments such as inclinometers, piezometers, and extensometers; engineers can detect shifts in soil and rock conditions and enable timely interventions to prevent disruptions at the surface.



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