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Resilient Urban Stormwater Volume Reduction

Managing stormwater continues to grow in importance and presents a variety of challenges to urban environments. Many regions and communities are dealing with combined sewer overflows and/or federal mandates to mitigate the impacts of stormwater. These mandates along with increasing peak flows and storm intensities have driven innovation and continuous improvement in design and construction. One emerging trend in the Midwest is to utilize subsurface chambers to infiltrate and store stormwater. The primary goal is to remove stormwater from the connecting storm drain system. A secondary goal is to attenuate flow to prevent downstream flooding and erosion.

This discussion will present a variety of regional and national urban case studies and research demonstrating how subsurface water quality and infiltration techniques offer highly sustainable and resilient water management solutions. It will also verify how long-term performance is achieved with minimal maintenance and oversight.



Mark Joersz
Regional Manager – Engineered Products Advanced Drainage Systems


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