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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Services

What Is It and How to Use It Effectively and Efficiently

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a recognized and widely endorsed discipline of civil engineering that has become the standard of care in most of the United States for managing utility risks associated with civil design and construction projects. CobbFendley will be providing a one-hour presentation, including a question-and-answer period, on Subsurface Utility Engineering, including the process, how it applies to civil engineering projects, and what are the potential benefits. The presentation focuses on the ASCE Standard 38-22, the ” Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities”, which covers the foundation of Subsurface Utility Engineering by assigning and defining the four (4) “Quality Levels” (A, B, C, and D) that are used to represent how accurate information is for existing utilities shown on design plans. We will also cover the basic equipment used by SUE field crews, including pipe/cable locators, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and Vacuum Excavation Trucks – as well as emerging technologies, such as confined space drones. This presentation is of interest to anyone who wants more information on the various types of technologies and techniques available – and how using SUE Services effectively and efficiently can help to save costs in the overall project budget.



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