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Sustainable Cement-Based Integrated Pavement Solutions

Pavement systems containing cement-bound layers have been used worldwide for over a century, with great success. Portland cement can be used in virtually every layer in a pavement system. This presentation will provide a clear, concise, and cohesive look at cement-bound materials options for ten specific engineered pavement applications: conventional concrete, roller-compacted concrete, precast concrete, pervious concrete, lean concrete base, full-depth reclamation, cement-treated base, cement-stabilized subgrade and cement-modified soil, lightweight cellular concrete, and flowable fill.

Each application, whether new construction or rehabilitation, will be presented as a method for meeting specific design and construction objectives that today’s pavement practitioners must accomplish. Integrating multiple cement-based layers into a pavement design may provide a cost-effective method for achieving a stronger, more durable, and sustainable pavement. The benefits, considerations, brief description, and summary of materials, design, and construction requirements, as well as a list of sustainable attributes, will be provided for every solution.

The intended audience is practitioners, including engineers and managers who face decisions regarding what materials to specify in the pavement systems they design or manage. The audience also includes city and county engineers, along with the A/E firms that often represent them, and state DOT engineers at all levels who are seeking alternatives in this era of changing markets.


Greg Halsted PE
Manager, Pavements and Geotechnical Markets
Portland Cement Association