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Sustainable Pavement Solutions Using Geosynthetics for Roadways

Geosynthetics have been a longstanding solution to a myriad of roadway related challenges in Texas for over three decades. Oftentimes, their consideration is limited to downstream problems commonly associated with in-service roadways – cracking, rutting, potholes and the like. Geosynthetics for roadway applications – geogrids, geotextiles, cellular confinement, interlayers – indeed offer civil engineers an “upstream” solution to mitigate these problems and render a more sustainable pavement system. This presentation will highlight the applicability of geosynthetics for pavement design and the means by which their benefit may be realized through cost-benefit analyses. Essential to every sustainable pavement design is a clear and complete understanding of the various types of distress the system must address. Geosynthetics deployed near the pavement foundation are ideally suitable to reduce damage from the “bottom up”, while a similar consideration is appropriate when considering these materials placed the near the pavement riding surface for “top down” distress. The content presented will review best practices for the consideration of geosynthetics for pavement design in the interest of rendering perpetual pavement foundations and adding life to wearing surfaces.


Stephen Archer PE
Chief Operating Officer
GeoSolutions Inc.