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Sustainable Slope Stabilization using Recycled Plastic Pins and Vetiver Grass

Shallow slope failures are predominant in the North Texas area and pose significant maintenance problems for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). As a cost-effective alternative, the Recycled Plastic Pin (RPP) can be utilized to stabilize the shallow slope failure. RPPs are fabricated from recycled plastics and waste materials (i.e. polymers, sawdust, and fly ash). It is a lightweight material and less susceptible to chemical and biological degradation than alternative reinforcing elements. RPPs are driven into the slope face, which provides additional resistance along the slip surface and increases the factor of safety. The presentation focuses few case studies conducted in North Texas Highway slopes. Performance monitoring of the stabilized slopes was conducted for several years which shows a great potential of RPPs for sustainable slope stabilization.



Md Azijul Islam PhD
Assistant Professor of Instruction
University of Texas at Arlington



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