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The Importance of Field Load Tests to a Better Foundation Design: Drilled Shaft Load Tests

Mr. Salman will share his research and findings regarding the importance of field load tests for improving the foundation design. Engineering strength properties of various rock formations vary significantly, and the data is typically scattered. The main objective of this study is to develop new design charts and prediction equations for various geologic formations to be used for drilled shaft design and rock strength property determination. In order to develop the regression equations, two databases were collected from 22 projects consisting of site investigation database and load test database. These projects included four geologic formations: shale, Woodbine shale, woodbine sandstone, and limestone. Each geologic formation dataset was then subdivided into three types of classifications based on FHWA’s rock classification system that uses unconfined compressive strength (Qun) and Rock Quality Designation (RQD). After that, the database was subdivided further into sub-datasets, according to the level of weathering: hard or fresh, moderately weathered, or weathered. The developed equations then verified considering another set of 5 projects to ensure validity.



Hosam Salman  PE, PhD, F. ASCE
Vice President


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