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TxDOT DB QAP Program

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

TxDOT’s Design-Build Quality Assurance Program (DB QAP) was developed to address 23 CFR 637 Part B (Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction, 1995). It is also compliant with guidance related to using contractor test results (FHWA Technical Advisory T 6120.3, 2004 and the non-regulatory supplement to 23 CFR 637B, 2006) and specific guidance on design-build projects issued by FHWA in 2012 (FHWA HRT-12-039, Construction Quality Assurance for Design Build Highway Projects).

TxDOT has lessons learned in each of the phases of Project Procurement, Implementation, Operations and Closeout. Using standardized contract requirements and uniform implementation of the DB QAP allows industry to better budget and prepare to deliver construction quality. TxDOT’s Materials and Testing Division (MTD) is currently responsible for the standardization, training, FHWA quarterly report review, software support, and continuous improvement of the DB QAP. In support of this program, TxDOT also developed I2MS to automate the data entry, review, and approval of data. I2MS also has the ability to run the all the analyses to satisfy FHWA’s verification requirements.

During construction, TxDOT has learned a robust DB Contractor’s construction quality management plan (CQMP) is critical to identifying and deliver quality construction acceptance. The CQMP should contain objectively verifiable detailed procedures that can be followed to successfully and audited

TxDOT uses a risk-based approach to inspection oversight. Unlike testing oversight which has specific risk levels identified, risk-based inspection does not have defined levels of verification though it allocates more inspection oversight resources to elements of the project that have greater risk.



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