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Implementing 3D In Utilities & Design Processes

Jarrod Compton, SIT
Technical Manager
Atkins North America, Inc.

Jarrod Compton leads the Utility Management group for Atkins North America. He has been surveying and mapping ROW and utilities since 2003 primarily in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. He began 3D modeling utilities in 2008 and has developed existing and proposed utility models for many transportation projects since that time. His most recent and challenging project has been to develop a comprehensive 3D model of existing utilities for segment 3 of the North Houston Highway Improvement project for all the major freeways encircling downtown Houston Texas. The model was integrated into 3D online GIS viewer, and is being used by multiple project stakeholders from TxDOT administration to utility relocation designers.

Alexa Mitchell PE
BIM Program Manager

Alexa is HDR’s BIM Transportation Program Manager. Prior to joining the private sector, she spent over 16 years with the Missouri DOT where she led the agency in implementation of 3D technology to support project delivery, including 3D surveys and roadway modeling, and e-construction. Now, as a BIM consultant, she helps highway agencies navigate the ever-changing environment of BIM-enabled project delivery. Alexa has been engaged in several national studies and strategic activities to help advance BIM and Model-based Digital Delivery, including her work with Transportation Research Board, State DOTs and the AASHTO Joint Technical Committee on Electronic Standards. As a BIM consultant, Alexa has helped develop modeling standards and best practices, and contract language to align with model-based deliverables.

Jacob Tambunga PE
Director of Plan Development

 Jacob is the Director of Plan Development for TxDOT’s Design Division. He started his career with TxDOT in 2004 in the San Angelo Area Office. After leaving San Angelo and having a short stint in the private sector, he began at TxDOT’s Right of Way Division. He then moved to the Austin District and began working in the Central Design office before moving to the Plan Development section of the Design Division. Jacob has a Bachelor’s in Applied Physics from Angelo State University and an Master’s in Engineering Management from The George Washington University.



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