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Upgrading Existing Earthen Levees to Prevent Urban Flooding with Pressed-in Sheet Piles

Earthen levees have been built to control the flow of large rivers and small creeks, and to protect land from waves and tides of lakes and oceans. Because of their primary structural element being soil, they are naturally prone to settlement, erosion, untimely deterioration due to uncontrolled vegetation growth plus animals’ burrowing, and liquefaction in seismically active areas. Existing canals and levees, especially those in low-lying areas, require retrofitting or upgrading prompted by more often flooding and their new functional requirements. Steel sheet piles have been utilized to achieve these upgrades on many projects because of their strength, durability, waterproofness, flexibility in choice of length and rigidity, and relative ease of construction. However, installation of sheet piles into existing levees faces a challenge if the project is hindered by a tight working space or being close to homes or other sensitive structures. This presentation will highlight a couple of upgrades of existing levees that utilized pressed-in steel sheet piles to overcome these types of logistical difficulties.



Takefumi Takuma
Giken America Corp


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