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Robert (Bob) Stevens PhD, PE, AICP, F.ASCE ASCE 2015 President

Executive VP
Arcadis U.S., Inc.

Bob Stevens PhD, PE, AICP, F.ASCE, is an UEF Trustee, EVP Arcadis, ASCE President-Emeritus, ASCE TX Section Technical VP, member ARTBA BOD and Planning & Design Division BOD, and Planning & Zoning Commissioner with Trophy Club, TX. He was ASCE 2015 President and BOD member 2009-12 and 2013-16, member of EWB-USA’s BOD 2010-13 and 2015-18, Chair ASCE Committee on Technical Advancement, Chair ASCE T&DI Administrative Committee, and 2009-12 Technical Region Director on ASCE BOD.

Bob’s 50+ year engineering career includes transportation, water and wastewater projects. He worked on environmental assessments, planning, design and construction management for road, bridge, rail, port, transit projects and dams. He managed the first design/build/supply transit project in North America at the Toronto Zoo. His career includes jobs in the public and private sectors.

Besides living and working in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Texas, he worked on projects in 21 countries including 2 that he lived in (Canada and Taiwan) and 19 he did projects for including Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, and 7 other African countries. He managed the first design-build project in North America. He is a registered PE in 7 states – California, Colorado, Florida (retired), Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio and Texas.

Bob was a founding governor and officer of ASCE’s Transportation & Development Institute. He was a member of a number of ASCE committees including Audit Committee, Society Award Committee, Program Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Committee on Professional Practice, Journal of Management in Engineering Editorial Board, Task Committee on Branding, and Paraprofessional Task Committee.


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