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Tammie Huddleston

Vice President Design, Code and Construction
DFW International Airport

Tammy Huddleston provides key leadership and oversight in the management and administration of the design and construction of facilities at DFW Airport. In addition, Tammy is responsible for the issuance of building permits, enforcement of the DFW building code and supervision of the procurement of professional services and construction services.

Tammy began her career at DFW in 2000, serving as project manager in the Asset Management department. She has managed projects from the planning stages through the design, commissioning, bidding and construction phases. This includes the $10 million Surface Movement Guidance Control System project to install runway incursion prevention lighting on the airfield. As Tammy rose within the DFW organization, she held roles such as infrastructure engineer, interim manager of infrastructure planning, assistant vice president infrastructure planning and engineering. Since 2018, Tammy has served as vice president Energy, Transportation and Asset Management or ETAM.

Tammy oversaw the development of capital improvement projects to address infrastructure needs and a life cycle plan for airside electrical systems, development of design intent documents and subsequent improvement. Additionally, she managed the capital improvements for Airport expansion and rehabilitation projects for all departments at DFW. Tammy was also instrumental in the development of a ten-year capital improvement program to ensure critical infrastructure rehabilitation.

Tammy holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Her greatest strengths include the ability to manage multiple projects with compressed schedules. She is recognized for her ability to gather stakeholder input and buy-in at all levels of an organization and supervise and manage contractors through all phases of a project.



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