About Our Speakers

Tushar Solanki PE

Assistant Director
Transportation and Planning Division
Dallas County Public Works

Tushar Solanki is a skilled, successful, and respected civil engineer, project manager and leader, with over 25 years of experience in public sector transportation. Having earned a BS in Civil Engineering with GIS certification, he began his career at the City of Dallas, where he worked for five years as a Project Engineer. After taking a position at Dallas County Public Works, he rapidly rose to become Assistant Director of the Transportation and Planning Division. The division specializes in challenging, complex, planning-heavy projects that are multifaceted and often involve multiple agencies and an array of private and public partnerships—precisely the kind of project on which Tushar built his reputation.

The T&P team is also responsible for “miscellaneous” Public Works activity. Tushar leads a diverse group, with varied expertise, perspectives, and backgrounds which is nonetheless known not just for its creativity, but cohesion and effective collaboration. He is a beloved mentor and facilitator who brings out the best in his staff and colleagues. Tushar and his team played a pivotal role in Dallas County Public Works’ recent achievement of APWA certification.

Tushar manages his project teams by cultivating working relationships with cities, outside agencies, major utility companies and interest groups, building consensus and clarifying purpose. He exemplifies the Dallas County Public Works Partnering Principles: Trust, Commitment, and Shared Vision.

Tushar has earned the confidence of his Director and the trust of County stakeholders, who know they can rely on him to manage the most difficult projects and deliver results that exceed expectations.

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