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Zachary Grasley PhD, PE

Professor & Department Head
Texas A&M University

Zachary Grasley, PhD, PE is a chaired professor and Department Head of the Zachry Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University. Grasley is a world-renown expert in concrete materials, a subject in which he mentors many students, teaches, and performs extensive research. He has published over 75 journal articles while executing more than $10M in sponsored research and has won several teaching awards. Grasley has been honored as a Fellow of ASCE, the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and the American Ceramic Society (ACerS). In addition to his academic impacts, he is also keen on seeing his discoveries and technological developments impact civil engineering practice directly. He has multiple patents and is helping two start-up companies focused on innovating the concrete material, precast, and production industries. Prior to becoming Department Head, Grasley led the Center for Infrastructure Renewal at Texas A&M.

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