About Our Speakers

Daniel Colby

Sr. VP of Technology
Utility Mapping Services, P.C.

ASCE Utility Risk Management Division’s “Utility Infrastructure Data Exchange and Security Committee”.
Committee Member: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) “Model for Underground Utility Data Definitions and Integration (MUDDI)”.

Dan has a deep understanding of the evolving geospatial/CAD markets as well as the emerging analytical industry landscape. Dan was the founder of Sentinel USA and spent nearly 16 years as the President and CEO before it was acquired in February of 2013. Sentinel, Dan served as the Sr VP of Product Management and the VP of Product Marketing for ProStar Geocorp where he contributed to the technology startup and spearheaded the development and execution of Transparent Earth. Dan later went on to form GEOI Solutions as one of the managing partners and today currently serves as an Executive Advisor to the leadership team.

Today Daniel currently serves the industry as an SME Consultant and Technology Advisor. In addition, Dan is serving as the Senior Vice President of Technology for UMSI with a focus on emerging technology strategies. Dan provides technical guidance and expertise in the areas of spatial data integration, application interfacing, interactive application design, and mobile tracking technologies. His knowledge of open data standard modeling and application configuration using OGC’s Open Geospatial Standards and XML technologies provides the expertise to deploy spatial technologies for numerous industry disciplines.

During Dan’s professional career, he also co-authored 9 patents, including but not limited to; “System and method for collecting information related to utility assets”, “Distance correction for damage prevention system”, “System and method for utility asset data collection and management”, and “Precision GPS driven utility asset management and utility damage prevention system

In addition, Dan was a Co-Founder of the Pipeline Open Standard (PODS) where he served on the Board of Directors from it’s inception through 2008.