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ASCE 75-22 -Review of the New Standard Guideline

Standard Guideline for Recording and Exchanging Utility Infrastructure Data, ASCE 75-22, is the result of recurring discussion among various agencies going back 30 years, for the creation of a utility “As-Constructed” or “As-Built” standard, to ensure that new utilities added to a project, or relocated during a project, have accurate and useable records of their location and attributes going forward. This standard addresses utility security concerns, and the needs of engineers, utility owners, and rights of way owners to know in the future what is under and above the ground. Although produced as a project standard, 75-22 can also be used as a utility records development standard for utility owners. This Stand Guideline includes survey guidance for collecting data, Positional accuracy levels, and feature codes.



Jesse Cooper RPLS
Senior Utility Manager
HDR Engineering

Daniel Colby
Sr. VP of Technology
Utility Mapping Services, P.C.


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