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Design and Construction Recommendations for Concrete Pavements: Highways, Industrial Pavements, City Streets and Local Roads

This presentation aims to provide comprehensive design and construction recommendations tailored to the unique requirements of concrete pavements that incorporate cement stabilization techniques: highways, industrial pavements, city streets, and local roads. The topics discussed in this presentation will help attendees better understand the long-term performance and initial cost factors in order to make well founded decisions for their organizations and customers.

The presentation will begin by addressing key considerations, challenges, and advancements in concrete pavement design and the fundamentals of cement stabilization and its role in enhancing the properties of concrete pavements. Special attention will be given to the selection of appropriate pavement materials based on traffic volume, environmental conditions, and initial cost. The importance of proper soil analysis and preparation to ensure successful cement stabilization outcomes will also be discussed. Next, the session will delve into construction recommendations for different types of roadways, addressing proven techniques for achieving quality, efficiency, and sustainability in pavement construction projects. Lastly, case studies will be presented to illustrate successful implementations of innovative techniques and their impact on project outcomes.



Randy Bowers PE
Director of Cement Stabilization
Cement Council of Texas


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