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Hybrid Earth Retention System Application on Deep Excavation in Texas

The Texas construction industry has been growing along with the Texas economy and competition has been heated. Texas is still big and wide, but it is becoming taller and deeper with economic potential. The challenge and beauty of this deep excavation industry lies in the design, project cost and construction schedules amidst the uncertainty of subsurface condition. The use of conventional retention systems in combination with other systems and creative construction sequences provides a wide range of design options. These hybrid approaches allow for greater flexibility to accommodate challenging geological conditions, geometry, larger surcharges, and/or limited site conditions/requirements along with more economical options. The most desirable retaining wall design in the construction industry can be described as cost effective, feasible considering site conditions, requiring a short construction duration, meeting city/code requirements and, most importantly, safe. This paper will discuss the benefits and limitations, cost impact and general applications of the conventional and hybrid system.



DoHyun Kim PE
GeoStructures Technical Leader
Braun Intertec


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