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DoHyun Kim PE

GeoStructures Technical Leader
Braun Intertec

Dohyun Kim is a Texas-licensed Professional Engineer and GeoStructures Technical Leader at Braun Intertec. Dohyun specializes in the GeoStructural Design field and has a wide range of experience with geotechnical and construction materials engineering projects in Texas. His work has involved providing contractors and owners with cost-effective and innovative designs for deep excavation, earth retention, underpining, and slope stabilization projects. Dohyun has two Master Degrees with Geotechnical Engineering from the Texas A&M University and Yonsei University in South Korea, and a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Kyungpook National University in South Korea.
Dohyun contributed to many recent high-rise skyscrapers buildings as well as commercial & infrastructure sector development all over Texas. While working in the GeoStructural Earth Retention system industry, he designed as EOR over 300+ earth retention system designs which is over 3 million square feet of permanent and temporary retention system, including high-profile commercial projects to complicated infrastructure projects. His specializations include design of micropiles, helical piers, and retaining walls including anchored soldier pile, cantilever pile, hybrid system, secant piles, soil nail, internal bracing, and reinforced soil structures.



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