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Multimodal/Complete Streets Planning - the evolution

Multimodal planning is a key component of planning for the infrastructure. It also encompasses safety, policies, decision making and a design process that balances the needs of end users in each land-use context. Providing safe and convenient multimodal options including bicycle and pedestrian travel options and transit as part of multimodal planning can increase access to economic opportunity for traditionally underserved populations, including people with disabilities and low-income, minority, older, and limited-English-proficiency populations. Presenters discuss multimodal applications at varying scales from state plans to individual projects, define complete streets, and explain how complete streets planning can be applied through statewide plans and policies. MoKan case study will be used to demonstrate how complete streets are needed and applicable in rural and urban settings. The presentation includes an evolution of best practices and opportunities for complete streets.



Ram S. Maddali PE, AICP, PMP
Senior Project Manager Othon, Inc.

Caroline Mays, ACIP
Director of Planning and Modal Programs
Texas Department of Transportation

Bonnie Sherman, AICP
Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Supervisor
Texas Department of Transportation

Akila Thamizharasan
Director, Advance Project Development, Austin District
Texas Department of Transportation


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