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One Model Does Not Fit All: The Corpus Christi Stormwater Master Plan

After an exhaustive data collection effort involving several of the City of Corpus Christi staff, limited data and/or data that uses outdated modeling techniques that are not easily amenable to upgrades or reuse were found. These were not compatible with the City’s desire for a comprehensive stormwater master planning document. Furthermore, significant portions of the City had no data or models and there was a need to create new models from scratch using current techniques and update to Atlas 14 rainfall.

There are several different hydraulic modeling techniques required to address the differing types of flooding throughout the extent of the city’s stormwater master plan area. This presentation will illustrate how each type of modelling was applied to the various City areas. For example, InfoWorks ICM was used for the urbanized areas of the study area, XPSWMM for the downtown area building upon recent modeling performed by others, ID steady state HEC-RAS modeling for the riverine portions of the Oso Creek watershed, and 2D rain-on-grid HEC-RAS modeling for the Flour Bluff coastal area of the City.



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