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The Use of AI Technology for Mapping Utilities at Scale: The Future of Infrastructure Utility Planning and Asset Management

If you’re not thinking about how new AI technology will impact your infrastructure projects, you’re signing up to be left behind.

In this session, you will learn how new Utility AI Mapping technology is the key to helping project owners and engineers advance critical infrastructure for the modern era.

Increasing utility risk is one of the most pressing challenges in infrastructure development. The problem is that we have a utility data challenge — it’s fragmented, inaccurate, non-existent, or difficult to obtain. And, the stakes are escalating. Funding and demand for infrastructure are at historic highs, and we face a critical shortage of skilled labor, creating a growing capacity problem in construction.

Technology is a significant way to disrupt human-intensive utility risk mitigation and data challenges.

Come learn how to leverage the power of 4M’s Utility AI Mapping and Analytics Solution to obtain reliable, real-time utility data to mitigate risk during the earliest, most cost-effective stages of infrastructure development, enabling you to make more informed decisions and accelerate project kick-offs — right from your office.



Raz Ezra
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships
4M Analytics


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