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Raz Ezra

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships
4M Analytics


Ezra is the Senior Director of Partnerships at 4M Analytics. Raz is part of the founding team of 4M, and played a pivotal role in establishing the company. Raz is an expert in forging vital partnerships between private and public construction sectors. His extensive knowledge in construction technology, computer science, and particularly utility data management has been instrumental in shaping 4M’s go-to-market strategy and product design & roadmap. Raz’s forward-thinking approach has significantly contributed to 4M’s ability to provide innovative solutions that streamline construction processes, in a practical & actionable way, leveraging his field experience in complex infrastructure & landmine clearance projects as a project manager and as a former officer in the Combat Engineering Corps.

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The Use of AI Technology for Mapping Utilities at Scale: The Future of Infrastructure Utility Planning and Asset Management



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