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TWDB - AMPSS Asset Management Program for Small Systems

The Asset Management Program for Small Systems (AMPSS) is a Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) funding program designed to assist small water and wastewater systems create an asset management plan and other management tools to help the systems operate in a financially and technically sustainable manner. The goal of the program is to help systems identify the current condition of their assets and operations/maintenance practices to plan for short-, medium-, and long-term capital improvement projects. These tools and information will help the systems prepare for the future, train new staff, and communicate the needs of their system to their staff, governance, and customers. Contractors chosen by the AMPSS participant systems, from a pre-qualified pool, work with the systems to create the management tools at no cost to the system, other than providing staff time to the project. This presentation will discuss AMPSS, as well as other asset management funding opportunities offered by TWDB.



Patrick Kading
AMPSS Coordinator
Texas Water Development Board


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