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Utilizing advances in H&H modeling within a City Standards framework

The City of Garland Montclair 2 & 3 subdivision was constructed in the mid-1960s. Despite improvements through the years, a substantial flooding event occurred in 2007 resulting in two to three feet of inundation along La Jolla Drive. High water events continued to be reported both during smaller and larger storm events. Therefore, improvements to this subdivision were included in the City of Garland 2019 Bond package.

Using newer methodologies for hydrology and hydraulic design, OEI prepared a design report illustrating how an improved storm drain system could be designed within the limits of the existing subdivision and connecting to the new IH-635 project being constructed adjacent to the subdivision. Coordination during the preparation of the construction drawings required input from multiple departments within the City of Garland to meet the needs of the drainage projects, while bringing the existing water and sewer systems into compliance with future city plans.



Ellen Bond PE​
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